Blue Water Charters offers fishing guide service in the Orange Beach Alabama area. Come ready to have a fun-filled sport fishing adventure with us.

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The water explodes. The rod doubles over and the drag screams as line peels off. The fight is on! What’s on the line? It could be just about anything when you are fishing in Orange Beach Alabama with your Blue Water Charters fishing guide.

Getting the fish close enough to the boat to see what it is – that’s part of the fun. Sometimes the fish does not even need to get close. Amberjack, seatrout, snapper, grouper, marlin even sharks are known for their aerial acrobatics when on a line. Other fish may stay beneath the surface. Get it to the boat and we will tell you what’s on the line.


In Orange Beach Alabama, you are already located in one of the best fishing spots around. Make it even better by spending a day on the water with a fishing guide. Many choices of fishing packages are available for you choosing. From near shore to offshore, our fishing guides know these waters and know where the fish like to hang out.

We offer catch-and-release and catch-and-keep depending on the species. If you are after a meal, we know where to take you. If you prefer the thrill and challenge of the fight, then you get the fish to the boat. We will carefully land it, take your picture and release the fish to fight another day.

Our fishing trips are good for the whole family. Safety is priority one for our crew and our guests. We can go after the big bruisers offshore that are so spectacular or try the inshore and nearshore fish, especially if you are looking for something for the supper table.


What do you need to bring on a fishing charter with us? We take care of the fishing equipment and the bait. We offer top notch brands to be sure everything is in good working order. Here are just a few things you may want to bring:

  • Sunscreen – We have some, but you may prefer your own brand.
  • Cooler – If you plan to take fish back, we’ll dress them for you, but you may want a cooler to get them back.
  • Wide-brimmed hat – We strongly recommend a good fishing hat for everyone.
  • Camera – We take pictures and shoot video for you, but sometimes you just want to take your own pictures.
  • Bring your smile – You need to come ready to have a great time.


The only exception to the gear is fly-fishing. If you want to try out waters with the fly rod, please bring your own and your own flies. We can help with that too, but we also know fly-fishermen really want their own rod. You can buy ready-made flies on shore. If you tie your own, call us and we can help you with what to tie for the fish you are after.

Blue Water Charters Fishing Guide Service Orange Beach Alabama

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